Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Share your theme and layout!

You can easily share your beautiful theme and layouts with people.
Some TIPS are here to share your theme.

First, don't forget add your layouts to templates. Your layout can be added to templates by 'long click background > Add to Templates'. The more templates are, the better.

Second, save your theme: Menu > Theme > Save theme > Select location.
This will save only theme and layout templates.

When loading the saved theme file, users can keep their own pages and preferences settings by 'Menu > Theme > Load > Select the saved file. If the theme have been made from a installed theme package, it should be installed too into the device first.
And they easily apply the templates to their cover page by 'long click background > Load a Template'.

Enjoy it and show off your work to here!
You can also find great themes here!

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