Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Added features of the version 1.5.x

- supports .otf font
- fixed the error that menu cannot be open when screen locked on some devices
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- fixed force close when long clicking an app in a parcel on landscape mode
- fixed the error that the objects positioned at right side of screen cannot be long clicked in cover page
- fixed some bugs and optimized

-  fixed some bugs and optimized

- added an option to enable to open menu with back key on devices having no hardware key.
- fixed menu button error on ICS tablet
- fixed touch error for some popup widget
- fixed page labels are not drawing sometimes
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- removed the feature showing menu by clicking 'home button' at home on ICS
- for HoneyComb & ICS, added a menu button into right-bottom on page preview
- accessible to all page settings in preferences
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- no more showing menu when returning back from background by 'home key' on ICS

- less battery use
- removed software menu key on ICS. Menu will be shown by clicking 'home key' at home instead.
- fixed a bug in initializing some scrollable widgets used as a popup widget
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- fixed force close by long click on a shortcut or widget just after restarting
- fixed a vertically unscrollable error just after orientation changed on ICS
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- fixed battery drain occuring on ICS
- fixed an error caused by selecting target of bookmark shortcut when no bookmark page exists
- fixed generating white site preview sometimes
- fixed partially drawing error when unlocked
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- fixed the error when turning off screen with no bookmark page

- fixed temporary disappearing bug of shortcuts and widgets
- fixed battery drain that can be caused by using site preview in bookmark page
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- added site preview into bookmark page (move to bookmark page > menu > preference > page settings)
- added an option to use the own DB independent from stock browser
- implemented the function of search button in contact page for Japanese
- set the touch area to icon for sliding out apps from parcel
- removed lags caused by some widgets on ICS
- supports Portuguese(Brazil)
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- run as internal system process: not be killed by clearing RAM on Samsung Galaxy series
- enabled to set background color for poping up widget
- supports formatted text for available memory(free RAM)
- fixed errors in creating poping up widget
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- added poping up feature for widget: edit a shortcut > select 'widget' as type > click target and create a widget
- returned to be killed by RAM clearing on Samsung Galaxy series
- will not be killed in background any more instead.
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- enabled to drag apps out from a parcel
- fixed error for using a same background image for popup menu and parcel view
- disabled dragging an app in parcel when screen is locked
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- fixed force close by menu > wallpaper > theme wallpaper
- fixed force close by some widgets
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- no more killed when clearing RAM in Samsung Galaxy Series
- removed 'home delay' dramatically on some devices by the above feature
- improved page transition animation on multi-core devices when the option of 'Scroll wallpaper' is checked
- fixed the problem that some widgets make page transition rough on ICS
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- added 'network status' for formatted text (paid version only).
- supports 'compiled' nine patch image.
- fixed some bugs and optimized.

- more theme attributes
    1) application icons: overall size, offsets...
    2) dock menu and popup menu: paddings
    3) large, medium, small text: shadows
- supports formatted text for battery level(%) (paid version only).
- page preview and direct move to a page. (it appears by zoom out gesture or back button at home)
- easy alignment to center of objects.
- added an option to hide dock menu bar.
- added an option to enable/disable GPU rendering.
- supports Turkish
- more optimized and fixed bugs