Thursday, August 23, 2012

Now available new app, 'Start'!

Now on Android, use the 'Start' menu of MS Windows!
free version
paid version

This application is designed by a motive from the 'Start' menu for Windows series.
Have you ever had some difficulties to search or manage applications installed on your device?
This app supports very similar user interface to 'Start' menu of MS Windows. So you can search and manage all applications easily.
The application drawer will be successfully replaced by this.

* Main features

 - Very similar UI to Windows Start menu
 - pin apps to the favorites list
 - hot apps list
 - decorate panel by adding a widget
 - hide, app info, uninstall, folder
 - various skins: Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS...

* Screenshots

 - replacing app drawer on GO launcher.

- skins (Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Added features in v1.7.x

- supports Serbian
- fixed some bugs

- 'Direct call', shortcut of 'other' type, works well on all devices
- fixed a bug in scaling image for shortcut
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- improved quality of scaled image
- less memory use when using site preview on bookmark page
- fixed some bugs

- fixed to display properly the background image used for shortcut icon
- applys theme background image of app parcels when dragging out
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- fixed to draw full page just after screen on for all devices
- uses lower memory when using big images for background of shortcuts
- less battery use in resizing mode of cover page
- fixed to display page labels just back from preferences
- removed the bug that page transition can be stopped by multi touch
- fixed some bugs

- fixed to draw the right page to exact position with sliding animation on landscape mode
- fixed to position wallpaper properly when restarting

- disabled long click on cover page when locked
- fixed the error of changing icon of apps in parcel
- displays proper size for customized icons of popup menu on high resolution devices
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- reduced some lag when returning to home page by home key
- supports Danish
- open official blog for Korean
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- fixed force close by uninstalling or updating applications
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- fixed the error of lost widgets after rebooting on Jellybean
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- fixed the bug when editing shortcut in landscape mode

- quick bug fix in page edit dialog

- fixed to display properly big size image
- fixed the error that can occur when editing shortcut
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- fixed blurry images used in shortcut

- quick bug fix

- strong resistance against background kill on low system memory
- additional option,'Use notification', to make more resistant against background kill
- optimizing for efficient memory use
- removed lags for some animations
- new formatted text for 'unread gmails'
- importing resources(fonts, icons and images) from folder
- an option to set different page backgrounds for each of portrait and landscape
- fixed some bugs and optimized