Thursday, September 20, 2012

A new free theme, 'Simplism', released!

'Simplism' is a new free theme for ssLauncher. This pursues beauty comes from simplicity. Just give it a try and enjoy it.

* This theme is fully functional for 'ssLauncher the Original' when 'Start menu for Android' is installed.
* This theme does not contains any wallpaper image.
* Used NanumGothicLight.ttf and 나눔고딕.ttf of NHN Inc.

* A video made from 'Start menu' and 'Popup widget'.

* More screenshots


Monday, September 17, 2012

A big improvement for Start menu for Android

The new version(v1.1.0) of Start menu for Android has been released now. The following new features are added into this version.

- improvement in speed
- supports big size UI for high resolution devices
- shortcuts and activities can be added into a folder
- supports to create shortcuts to user folders and predefined groups such as starred, hot, hidden and so on.
- a feature to generate folder icon (paid version only)

No more other folder applications would be needed if you have got this application!

free version download
paid version download

* more screenshots here

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New 'Popup Widget', more than ssLauncher!

The application, 'Popup Widget', has been upgraded to v1.1.0, which supports 20 or more background skins and animation speed and effect settings.

free version, paid version

Here are some screenshots showing popup widgets with free skins.