Thursday, September 20, 2012

A new free theme, 'Simplism', released!

'Simplism' is a new free theme for ssLauncher. This pursues beauty comes from simplicity. Just give it a try and enjoy it.

* This theme is fully functional for 'ssLauncher the Original' when 'Start menu for Android' is installed.
* This theme does not contains any wallpaper image.
* Used NanumGothicLight.ttf and 나눔고딕.ttf of NHN Inc.

* A video made from 'Start menu' and 'Popup widget'.

* More screenshots



  1. The block and counter at the top of the first screen shot. What app is that?

    1. It is not an app. :) You can get it by just applying this theme to ssLauncher the Original. It was made by only internal features of ssLauncher.

    2. "Simplism" is beautiful, ChYK, but when I loaded it, I didn't get the counter bar at the top. What am I doing wrong? Is it essential to have "Start Menu for Android" installed, also? If everything is installed correctly, does that counter bar appear automatically? Sorry for all the questions--I'm just really taken with this theme.


    3. Move to a cover page and long click the background.
      And click 'load a template' on popup menu.

  2. Hi, I have just downloaded and installed the theme, but when I go in the menu in order to set the template, the only buttons available are the Close - Remove - Reset and is not possible to apply the template.
    So far I have not still installed the 'Start menu for Android' because I don't like so much, but I don't think it's depend from that, and is not mandatory for the theme.
    What I have to do?

  3. Bonjour
    J'ai téléchargé ce theme qui parait très sympa. Quand je vais dans sélection du thème, à priori ca marche mais le theme ne se charge pas.
    merci de votre aide. Il me manque surement quelque chose mais quoi, j'arrive pas à savoir

    1. See the following url. It will be helpful to you.

  4. Good morning,
    I really like this theme it is a beautiful basis. Thank you.
    I have just one problem that I cannot solve alone.
    I changed the target app for the mail shortcut (in the upper left part) to samsung mail client (instead of google mail) but the number of new emails doesn't actualize anymore.
    This figure is only compatible with google mail or is there something I can do to fix it?
    Many thanks in advance,

  5. Very nice. I just downloaded this launcher and I am impressed. This theme is hot. I have an issue with the mail counter. It is set to gmail and it does open my mail properly but the counter has the n/a over the mail text. I went to preferences and tried to set the app to show mail counter but it is not highlighted to Check it. Is this only available in the paid version of the launcher? Thanks nice job.

    1. Yes, it is available in the paid version which has a lot of powerful features.