Sunday, November 25, 2012

Solution for default launcher reset problem when rebooting

This issue is caused by the encryption bug of Jellybean, which encrypts all paid apps when installing. But some (NOT all) of devices with Jellybean firmware have this issue in rebooting process.

Today (27 April, 2013), a new app named 'ssLauncher starter' has been released on Google Play. You can resolve this issue with this application.


1. install 'ssLauncher starter' from Google Play. link here
2. press home button.
3. select 'ssLauncher starter' and 'Always'

Now you can ignore the below. :)
Now ssLauncher the Original (paid version) has an issue that default launcher setting is reset when rebooting the device.
This issue occurs only when satisfying the following conditions.

1. ssLauncher the Original (paid version) on Android 4.1.x: The other Android version, even 4.2, is okay.
2. Important! Only when installed or updated from Google Play Store: It does not happen when the apk is installed manually.

I suspect that Google license checking module causes this problem when installing from Google Play.

Install the following apk manually, which is absolutely same apk on Google Play.
I will keep the download to be the latest version.

Thank you.


  1. Worked on my epic 4g touch. Thank you.

  2. I should add, this is using jelly bean.

  3. The contacts do not appear
    Pls help me

    1. Please let me know your device model and Android version.

  4. I have this Problem for weeks now, cannot download the file:
    "Sorry, the file link that you requested is not valid.
    Reasons for this may include:
    •Invalid link
    •The file has been deleted because it was violating our Terms of user"

    Any suggestions??? Thanks...

    1. I have downloaded it just now. It works well.
      Please try again.

      p.s. You can do same thing by installing the in /data/app.

  5. Thanks for the quick respond, some more questions:
    - I'm running on 4.1.2, any chance this problem will be solved?
    - Should any "official" updates until then be avoided?
    - how can I check my license Status

    By the way, thanks a lot for the great launcher!

    1. - There are nothing I can do for this issue in Android 4.1.2. As I said, this issue is already resolved in Android 4.2.
      - You will see the red banner when failed to check license.

  6. I have Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro MK16i.
    It has hardware key buttons for back, home and menu key.

    I understand that the long press menu key offers google search.

    I have my phone rooted and have removed google search altogether.
    Now it just vibrates when i long press Menu key.
    Is there any way to re-map it to some other function? perhaps to recent apps or some other shortcut to apps.

    Pls advise.

    1. It is not possible to assign another function for it. Sorry.

    2. Is it possible to provide this customization in the upcoming updates of the Launcher.
      Will really help if we could customize what can we assign to long press of back and menu key.

    3. I don't have any plan about it. Sorry.

  7. Sorry if I'm missing something but how do I download this file without installing their malware and/or creating an account?

    1. If you don't want to make account, please let me know your e-mail address or send me an e-mail for reply. I will send you the latest version whenever update.