Thursday, January 24, 2013

[ssLauncher-Tip] Some Good Features in Application Drawer

As you know, ssLauncher has the application drawer as a page titled "Applications".
This post takes a look at some main features of the app drawer.

First, press and hold the application icon in the app drawer. The following pop-up menu appears.

1. Icon - change the icon of the application. It will be used as the default icon for shortcut.
2. Rename - change the display name of the corresponding application. It will be used as the default title for shortcut.
3. Star/Normal - mark/unmark star to the application. You can show only starred applications by pressing the star icon on the dock menu bar, bottom of the screen.
4. Hide/Show - hide/show the application. Basically a hidden application does not show up in the app drawer. You can also show only the hidden apps by pressing the same icon on the dock menu bar.
5. Details - Shows the app information. You can force close the application or reset the data.
6. Uninstall - uninstall the application.

You can manage installed applications and access to your favorite applications easily by using 'star' and 'hide'.

** Important tips! **
Multiple applications can be starred or hidden at once!

For example, when we need star to many applications, show the all unstarred applications by pressing star icon on the dock menu bar and then press the check box icon.

Now you can select multiple applications like the below.

Then all the selected applications will be starred by pressing the star icon on the dock menu bar. You can hide/show multiple apps in the same way.

Just try it. :)


  1. Can you hide all app label and just leave the icons?

    1. Try to change the text color to transparent in menu > theme > medium text.

    2. How do I make the icon and app label transparent on my screen

  2. Hello,

    Where can i find a list with parameters for "titels"

    ex: %d%% %dMB etc...

    (i need to make a "clock"-title (hh:mm)


  3. Would be great if it was possible to sort apps in alphabetic order in folders and have the same app in different folders.

  4. When I changed icons for some apps the preview in folders in the appdrawer disappeared. Is there anyway to make the new icons visible in the preview?

    1. What does the 'preview' mean?

    2. I mean the 4 icons your see in the folders you can make in the appdrawer.

    3. I got it. But I could not find any problem when I changed an icon image for an app in folder. Would you send me a screenshot showing the issue? It will be helpful to resolve the problem.

  5. Is there anyway to get horizontal pagination for app drawer?

  6. There is any way to have the apps on text on the app drawer instead of icons?