Saturday, February 16, 2013

[ssLauncher-Tip] Making additional shortcut styles

As I have noticed before, you can create additional shortcut styles in the higher version of ssLauncher the Original 1.9.0.

Let's follow the steps for this.

1. There are a shortcut to be added into additional styles. 'Gallery' is the shortcut in the following screenshot.

2. Long-clicking the shortcut will show up the popup menu.

3. Press 'save' button. Then the shortcut will be added as an additional shortcut style.
You can find it in the 'ADDITIONAL' tab of the style selection screen.

4. Let's create a new shortcut and apply the additional style to it. Of course, the target of the new shortcut will not changed because it applies only 'style'.

It's easy. :)


  1. hi, i think 'Save' is missing from the pop-up menu. Is there any other the style can be saved? thanks

    1. You should have the paid version and unlock the layout for this feature.

    2. one more: you can scroll the popup menu horizontally.

    3. Hi, many thanks. I didnt realise the popup menu can be scrolled left and right.
      PS I've got the paid version

    4. Thank you for the purchase. =)