Saturday, April 27, 2013

New ssLauncher Theme - Circles, Free!

A new free theme, which uses the new feature of pinning objects, has been released today into Google Play.


It could be a good example to show how to use the 'pinning objects' feature.


1. install the theme.
2. menu > theme > apply theme package > select the theme.
3. press 'yes' when asking to download a icon pack.
4. move to a cover page (Home) and load the first template for cover page and pinboard respectively.
5. create the weather and clock widgets by clicking 'Widget here'.
6. adjust the column number in menu > preferences > application drawer, if you need.
7. adjust the page margins in menu > theme > others, if you need.

* This theme is fully functional on 'ssLauncher the Original'.

* Screenshots


  1. Hi, I just have one question... when you mention that we should create the weather and clock widgets by clicking 'Widget here', which widget should we choose? any in particular?

    Thanks for a wonderful launcher! I already bought it!

    1. Any widget is okay. I used 'Weather+' and stock clock.