Monday, April 29, 2013

[ssLauncher-Tip] Why remove the contacts page?

Currently, ssLauncher supports totally 6 types of page: cover page, application group, application drawer, contacts, bookmarks and credits.
Each type of pages has its own specialties. Oops! Except of credits. :P
I know that many users remove the contact page without any try.
Now I would like to give you some tips to use it.

It has the purpose for quick access to contacts. Of course, you can run the contacts application through a shortcut. But swiping page is the easiest and efficient way to access something because you need not to search an icon and move the finger on it exactly. For example, if you have moved the contacts page to left side of home, you could access it just by swiping once at home without any concentration.

Here is a screenshot of the contacts page.

It consists of a list and a dock menu bar with the following functionality.

On list:

1. tap an item (contact): open contact widget for the item (see the screenshot)

   You can star, unstar, remove or edit the contact by the widget.

2. hold an item: you can drag it into a cover page and create a shortcut for it.
3. click the phone icon on an item: direct call

On dock menu bar:

1. plus icon: create a new contact
2. star icon: show only starred contacts

* How to star/unstar on a contact?
  - Tap an item on the list
  - Tap the photo on the contact widget
  - Toggle the star icon

3. sort icon: sort the list by name, contact times or last contact time
4. search icon: search contacts by initial
5. phone icon: launch the phone(dial) application

That's all. How easy is it?


  1. While ssLauncher is unique, and I'm still learning to utilize its features, I stopped using the contacts page for lack of performance. Its terribly slow and laggy (Moto Bionic), while DW Contacts, Contacts + and even the built-in contacts app aren't laggy.

    I'd prefer to use the contacts page - but just can't work around the lag. I look forward to the performance issue being resolved!

    1. What kind of lag do you have? Could you explain it in detail?

  2. Maybe is talking about the time needed to show the profile picture.

    1. If so, it is for the smoothness of scrolling. The instant update of photo causes lags in scrolling.

  3. I like the idea of the contacts page but it lacks usability. It needs a quick scroll bar that allows you to just slide your finger down the side of the screen while showing the first letter in the center of the screen, much like what is built into the stock contacts app. I have found the search bar at the bottom to be difficult to use and due to the large number of contacts in my phone it takes to long to scroll through them all. It's just faster for me to tap the phone app, tap the first letter of the contact that I want and tap the contact to call them.

    1. I should make the contacts page better. :) Thanks!

  4. I prefer the contacs sorted by the last name not by the first name like many other users too. Could you please let us choice to sort the names by the first name or the last name?

  5. Ty very much. This is the best launcher I've just seen since years. Very good work. You're great. I hope you never stop. Ty so much

  6. I would be much more keen on using the contacts page if there was a way to add other widgets to the page as well.

    IE- push the contacts down through padding and add a dialer widget on top of it. At present the only way to accomplish this is by pinning the widget there. This is not optimal, as I dont want that widget to show on every page.

    This same concept goes for all of the other page types as well.
    The launcher would be much more versatile, if each page type was not all or nothing.

    1. It requires so many changes in the architecture of this launcher.
      Maybe It could be possible on ssLauncher 2. :)

    2. Additional info: You can control the visibility of all pinned objects by page types in menu > theme > pinboard visibility.

    3. What if you just increased the controls for pinned objects.
      IE - What if you gave it more fine grain control, instead of an all or nothing that is setup now. Move the control of which pages pinned widgets show up on, into the submenu for the widget itself. This would allow some widgets to show on all pages while another group might show on only a few.

      It might be a bit odd, but if I could control the pages a pinned widget showed up on in a widget by widget bases, I could likely pull this off. I could theoretically create a page with a pinned widget, then tell this pinned widget to only show on the contacts page. Then as a last step I could hide the page I created the pinned widget on.

      Its a bit messy, but it seems it could work without change the launcher entirely.

  7. Having the phone icon on the right of every contact is undesiderable, it feels like visual noise. Just remove it and the visual is immediately better.

    Then I'd prefer a grid view of contacts, with names written on bottom of the user photo (within it !)

    Or, in case of a list view as it is now, a much bigger photo (this should be not related to drawer's list settings) AND below of every contact a few thumbnails of photos on device who are tagged with the contacts name. THIS would be awesome, unprecedented on Android, and a real competition for the amazing, amazing Windows Phone people app.

    1. Thank you for the suggestions. :)
      The phone icon can be replaced in menu > theme > ssLauncher icon. Anyway, I will replace the default image to a better one. For the other suggestions, I will consider them positively. Thanks!

    2. Hello, i can't see any of my contacts in the page.
      I use to have all my contacts stored on corporate account.
      Did i miss something with settings ?

    3. This read contacts from standard Android contact DB. There are compatibility issues on some devices. What is your device model?

    4. It is a china model with android.4.0.3 and kernel version 3.0.13

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