Wednesday, May 8, 2013

[ssLauncher-Tip] Reduce 'Home Delay'

The first goal of ssLauncher is to work well on low memory devices. Now I'm using 'Xperia Arc', which has 512mb of RAM, as a main phone. The important thing is that it works well on the device.

If you have some delay about a few seconds when closing an app and coming back to the launcher, we call it 'home delay'. Generally, it is caused by the following process.

- The launcher go into background when you running another app.
- While running the app and available memory(RAM) get lowed, Android will kill some background processes (applications).
- When coming back to the launcher, it should be restarted. The delay is the time for restarting.

If you always get 'home delay', try the following instructions.

1. DO NOT use any task killer application.

  Many users are using a task killer to increase the amount of available memory. However, the 'available memory' means exactly 'not using memory' and is not helpful to increase the performance of Android. If you keep always 1GB available on a device with 2GB RAM, this is not different from that you are using a device with 1GB RAM.

2. Reboot your device.

 Android OS has the 'memory leak' issues. If you have not rebooted your device for a long time (a week is enough), the available memory could get leaked. The only way to get back the leaked memory is to reboot the device.

3. Turn on 'Use notification' in menu > preferences.

 If you are getting home delays in spite of not using a task killer, try to turn on the option 'Use notification' in menu > preferences. (only for the paid version)
This will let ssLauncher have later order for background kills. That is, other background applications will be killed earlier than ssLauncher.

Keep to use faster ssLauncher!


  1. Hey friend.
    First, thank you for this amazingly original launcher, a heaven for designers and customization lovers like me.
    I see you're using Xperia Arc, so I just want to ask you how did you manage to make app drawer scrolling smooth, if you do at all. Because, I'm using Xperia Arc S, and generally ssLauncher is very smooth on my device, beside app drawer. Since my first phone, to this phone, there was always some lag in app drawer, and I don't know why. I'm aware that this device of mine is not the most powerful out there, but still, 1,4GHz should be enough to smoothly scroll 4x5 app drawer grid, and yet it doesn't. I'll repeat, page transitions are very smooth, but app drawer is quite choppy, no matter what grid size I set.
    Other than this, this is an amazing launcher overall.

    1. I rarely scroll the app drawer because I don't have installed many applications and most of installed apps are hidden. Anyway, I have just tested it again after setting all installed apps not hidden. And I could not find any issue in smoothness. Only one thing I found is a little lag while a toast message is fading out. Please send me a mail. We can resolve it together by trial and error.