Thursday, May 16, 2013

The History of SquareHome v1.1.x

- scaling the icon size by the tile size.
- improved the tile arrangement algorithm
- less home delay
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- fixed the bug for the 'Icon size' option
- fixed some bugs

- supports French (special thanks to Johan)
- added the 'bottom margin' option
- added the 'Icon size' option
- 2 new themes
- fixed some bugs

- added some options to customize the typeface
- removed scrolling lag on the app drawer when using live wallpaper
- fixed some bugs for creating widget
- fixed some bugs

- displays widget previews with proper size on Jelly bean.
- fixed the error that all tiles got invisible when screen is off while a folder open
- fixed some bugs

- supports to customize tile styles
- unlocked some options
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- quick bug fixes

- added new free themes

<Glossy theme>

<Heart theme>

<Wood theme>

- able to apply another theme to app drawer separately
- can customize the top margin of home screen
- added an option to blur CUSTOM wallpaper
- added an option 'Grayscale icon'
- can customized the text colors of group title
- fixed some bugs and optimized


  1. The new themes are great, ChYK. I upgraded, then one of my previously-installed tiles caused a Force Close each time I click on it.

    The App for that tile is Bluetooth Toggle Widget (

    It now displays an Android symbol, and I cannot open or move or remove the tile.

    1. I just have tested it on my devices. But It works well in my case. But I have found a suspicious point in the source codes. I will fix it and upload a new update soon. Please let me know the result after the next update.

  2. I upgraded to 1.1.1, re-installed Bluetooth Toggle Widget with no problem. Thanks for the quick fix, ChYK!

  3. Please,in a theme
    Transparent Dark theme,
    Make the settings menu of black instead of white .
    Well, it is not logical , in a black white theme settings
    sorry for the google translate

    1. I will add an option for it. :)

  4. Even a small request, I have the tablet screen resolution 1920 * 1080, there are several problems:turning in the application menu is triggered through the bad times, sometimes it will bounce back, the page need to do long finger movement, should be a light touch. The second problem with live wallpapers, when used, the opening of the closing application menu has through the times.
    Sorry for the google translate

    1. For the first, I will make it more sensitive for high resolution devices. For the second, I could not catch exactly what you say.

    2. Sorry. Google Translate makes translation as talking Yoda from Star Wars, and even worse:)
      If I use live wallpapers, app drawer opens with a delay, twitches.
      Is it possible to add an option for the free placing of tiles, in any place of screen? Uncomfortably, that the program decides as tiles must be located. Such limitation is unusual in an android :)

    3. Would you let me know what the live wallpaper is?
      And I'm finding a better way to layout tiles.

    I understand that a person who was involved in a Russian translation , missed a few updates. I might update the translation , especially since the last correct inaccuracies he made on my initiative

    1. Thank you for the suggestion.
      Please send me an e-mail. I will reply it with some files for it.

  6. Some wishes for tiles customization:
    - titles justification (left,center,right or, may be, offset)
    - text size for titles
    - 24 hours (not only AM/PM) for clock form
    - because autoimages from market are suited for 2x1 tiles - autoimage justification (left, center or right) for 1x1 tiles
    - titles availability for autoimage and custom image forms.

    1. Thank you for the suggestions. Some of them will make SquareHome better. :)

  7. 4.2.2 android. If multiple users on the Tablet and set squarehome to the second user, the program hangs when selecting the form of tiles

    1. Thank you for the feedback. I will test it.

  8. The problem with live walpapers is not solved, it became worse, the program stops responding when you run the application list.
    Android 4.2.2 cm10.1 1920*1080