Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New 2 themes for SquareHome

Today, new 2 themes has been released to Google Play with the update(v1.1.5) of SquareHome. They are all free! Just try it.

* Round theme - download

 * Gmail theme (Gmail style) - download

 - You can replace all application icons to the initial letters with this theme.

Many thanks!


  1. Hi I bought sslauncher the other day and its great except for 2 things that have been annoying me.

    1 is the home delay which I already read about in another post so thats ok.

    but the 2nd is everytime I switch to another page in the background is the wallpaper from launcher or even Nova launcher. I've changed it so its the same wallpaper as the one in SS now but its still noticeable. any way eliminate it altogether? thanks

    1. Try to turn off 'system wallpaper' in menu > more (3 dots) > theme > margins and others. OR change the animation type in menu > more > theme > animation. Find out the best combination of these two options.