Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Popup widget updated to 1.3.0!

The following new features has been added in the version 1.3.0.

- Backup/Restore
- Custom image skin
- Can select each of x and y position

I recommend you to reassign all the shortcuts to popup widget.
After reassigned the shortcuts, you can easily re-configure it just by tapping when it is restored.

Thank you.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Update history of SquareHome v1.2.x

- zero count for some tile forms is displayed no more when locked
- fixed system wallpaper rendering error for some devices

- improved image quality for tiles
- fixed drawing error of the app drawer when '3d effect' is turned off
- fixed some bugs

- changed app launching animation (when 'tile animation' is on in preferences)
- a new tile form: current time
- varying text size by tile size for some forms
- removed from the recent apps list
- extended 15 styles for tiles
- fixed some bugs

- supports Portuguese(Brazil)
- tile icon can be changed
- added a new form: notification (counter)
- enhanced battery level form
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- fixed the force close when draggin a tile group

- supports correct sorting orders for language
- added 'hide app drawer button' option
- fixed a bug for some image selectors.
- improved the tile arrangement algorithm
- fixed some bugs

- forced to display properly the shadow color for the group labels
- fixed the rendering error when using system wallpaper on some devices
- fixed some bugs

- "Auto image" works again on Android 4.2.2 or higher
- improved for system wallpaper issue
- supports 90/270 degree of orientation for tablet mode
- fixed some bugs

- fixed to apply text color properly when using a different theme for the app drawer
- added a new option, 'App drawer style'

- fixed some bugs and optimized

- smarter notification tile
- fixed some bugs when changing icon and label of apps
- added 'tile animation' option
- fixed some bugs

- new tile forms ("Today", "Notification": displays notification message for the tile's app)

- tile animation
- supports to change the icon and label of apps

- added the option menu for folder tile (you can set a your image to a folder tile)

- a new theme (Windows 8)

- removed automatic download feature of title image for an app from "auto-image" form
  (reason: The design of Google Play web site (for PC) was changed very poorly, no more title images)
- fixed some bugs and optimized

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Updates in the ssLauncher v1.12.x

- fixed the bug for some image selector
- fixed the bug that some 'other' shortcuts do not work
- applys the initial size properly when selecting a shortcut style
- works 'screen off' properly when notification panel open in full screen
- fixed some bugs

- supports Czech
- sorts correctly the names with accented letters
- fixed some bugs

- fixed the bug of the unread messages counter
- fixed some bugs

- fixed the bug of empty app drawer after rebooting
- optimized counters

- fixed Gmail counter bug for some devices
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- optimized for widgets
- fixed some bugs

- fixed a bug of auto scaling
- fixed a bug of widget updating for some devices
- fixed some bugs

- supports Hungarian
- enabled to set pinboard visibility for cover page
- added 'English' option for date/time text format
- fixed some bugs

- resolved a system wallpaper issue
- fixed some bugs

- fixed a bug in shortcut resizing
- enabled to turn off 'Show position and size' in menu > preferences > cover page

- quick bug fix: removed crashes in background

- displays numeric position and size of the object when resizing it.
- improved the animation of page labels
- fixed the auto scaling bug for some devices
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- fixed to load pinned objects properly when restoring a saved file
- auto scaling of theme and layouts to fit the screen width when loading a saved file on different screen resolution
- fixed some bugs

- fixed the bug that some shortcuts and widgets are disappeared on some devices

- fixed a bug for scrollable widgets
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- fixed the bug in loading the preferences of app group page
- fixed some bugs

- fixed some bugs

- added new options, 'list type' and 'surname ahead', in contacts preferences

- supports the grid type for application group page (uncheck 'list type' in preferences)

- supports individual icon selection from icon packs

- added the 'select all' button on resource management screen
- less home delay
- changed some icons and background design
- fixed some bugs and optimized

Thursday, July 4, 2013

[ssLauncher-Tip] Lock your layouts

Do you know the lock/unlock features for your beautiful layouts?
You can lock an unlock your layouts by toggling the 'locker' icon on the left-bottom of the menu screen.

When layouts are locked, you cannot add, move, resize and remove any shortcuts and widgets no more.
Protect your awesome layouts from your children and pets! :P

p.s. The counters such as 'missed calls' and 'unread SMS' will be invisible when it is zero and layouts are locked. You can show them always by checking 'Show text always' in Preferences > Cover page.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[ssLauncher] Screenshots from My Friend

Here are two screenshots from my friend.
I really like them and hope to give you a inspiration.

Here are links for the icons.

(1) Circle Icons Pack from Martz90 DeviantART
(2) Browser Girls 5 icons IconArchive