Thursday, July 4, 2013

[ssLauncher-Tip] Lock your layouts

Do you know the lock/unlock features for your beautiful layouts?
You can lock an unlock your layouts by toggling the 'locker' icon on the left-bottom of the menu screen.

When layouts are locked, you cannot add, move, resize and remove any shortcuts and widgets no more.
Protect your awesome layouts from your children and pets! :P

p.s. The counters such as 'missed calls' and 'unread SMS' will be invisible when it is zero and layouts are locked. You can show them always by checking 'Show text always' in Preferences > Cover page.


  1. hi,this is useful for me,but can you make it lock/unlock by password??

    1. I think it's too excessive feature. Sorry.

    2. I mean optional by password or not, :(
      I used SSlaucher around 2 years ago and this is my hope in update everytime.
      Just forget it:)
      SSlauncher is the best launcher in my three years android life until now. Many thanks.

    3. Thank you for understanding. :)

  2. Im just wondering about its background images?
    Does it really have to be fitted in the screen?
    It reduces the beauty of the wallpapers.
    Any adjustments for this?
    I like the launcher so much though :)

    1. When you set an image as a page background, you should crop the image with the same ratio of screen. Try to hold (long-click) the image in the image selection screen. You can crop it.

  3. Its more dangerous...
    The Button Deinstall come when Locked
    Where can you turn off this?

    Greetings from Stuttgart
    PS: SSLauncher its the Best!!!

    1. No options for it. I will consider the option.