Thursday, July 18, 2013

Update history of SquareHome v1.2.x

- zero count for some tile forms is displayed no more when locked
- fixed system wallpaper rendering error for some devices

- improved image quality for tiles
- fixed drawing error of the app drawer when '3d effect' is turned off
- fixed some bugs

- changed app launching animation (when 'tile animation' is on in preferences)
- a new tile form: current time
- varying text size by tile size for some forms
- removed from the recent apps list
- extended 15 styles for tiles
- fixed some bugs

- supports Portuguese(Brazil)
- tile icon can be changed
- added a new form: notification (counter)
- enhanced battery level form
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- fixed the force close when draggin a tile group

- supports correct sorting orders for language
- added 'hide app drawer button' option
- fixed a bug for some image selectors.
- improved the tile arrangement algorithm
- fixed some bugs

- forced to display properly the shadow color for the group labels
- fixed the rendering error when using system wallpaper on some devices
- fixed some bugs

- "Auto image" works again on Android 4.2.2 or higher
- improved for system wallpaper issue
- supports 90/270 degree of orientation for tablet mode
- fixed some bugs

- fixed to apply text color properly when using a different theme for the app drawer
- added a new option, 'App drawer style'

- fixed some bugs and optimized

- smarter notification tile
- fixed some bugs when changing icon and label of apps
- added 'tile animation' option
- fixed some bugs

- new tile forms ("Today", "Notification": displays notification message for the tile's app)

- tile animation
- supports to change the icon and label of apps

- added the option menu for folder tile (you can set a your image to a folder tile)

- a new theme (Windows 8)

- removed automatic download feature of title image for an app from "auto-image" form
  (reason: The design of Google Play web site (for PC) was changed very poorly, no more title images)
- fixed some bugs and optimized

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