Thursday, August 22, 2013

[ssLauncher-Tip] To set different background for each page

Basically, ssLauncher uses the system wallpaper, but also supports to set different backgrounds for individual pages. There are two approaches to do this:

1. The following screen will be shown by menu > theme > background images.

In the screen, you can set the backgrounds for EACH PAGE TYPES: cover page, app drawer, app group... Additionally, the backgrounds for popup menu, dock menu bar or parcel view can be changed in here.
The important is that this settings will be saved into theme. That is, it can be shared with your friend by menu > theme > save theme.

2. You can set page backgrounds for EACH PAGES in the menu screen (see the below).

If you are using auto orientations (portrait and landscape), check the option 'different background' in menu > preferences. This page background has higher priority than the above mensioned (in 1) and will not saved into theme but the page properties.

* Tip: When selecting an image, try to hold the image. Then you can crop the image.

** Turning off the system wallpaper:
You can turn off the system wallpaper in menu > theme > margins and others.

*** Layers of background:
The system wallpaper is the bottom layer and the page background is above it. Therefore, if you have set transparent image as a page background and the system wallpaper is on, you could see the system wallpaper through the page background.

**** Page background is not drawn while page transition:
When you are using some animations such as 'Sliding' and the system wallpaper is turned on, the page backgrounds will not be drawn while page transition for the higher performance. This could give you very bad experience if the page background has been a fully opaque image.
In this case, I recommend you to turn off the system wallpaper OR change the animation type in menu > theme > animation.


  1. hello sir,

    love this launcher, but i have a problem adding a simple wallpaper. when iwant to add a wallpaper (like in step 2. of this article), i select one in my gallery, but it wont show up in this black and white grid area.
    it goes like this: i select an image ->screen jumps to the black and whit grid area but it has not the selected image in it. tried jpeg and png, tried different pics.

    i have the latest paid version. using nexus 5 with kitkat.
    will wallpapers use the full screen? cause by default the area where my virtual buttons are is black. in the default launcher the wallpaper fits into the whole screen and the virtual buttons are like a layer above it.


    1. Which image picker have you used? Try to other image picker apps.

  2. Hello, I went through with applying Desktop 2 eventually (I had a problem adding other page's widgets until I realized here they are shortcuts). Anyways, I still cannot make my own locker with WidgetLocker because there is no chance of applying own wall. I've made one in Corel, it's obviously .png but it doesn't show. The original background sticks like magic. I tried removing background, changing it. Nothing helps. Is it possible that I cannot use WL with SSLauncher?

    1. Did you set the image as a page background in SSL?

    2. I chose the option of "remove background".

    3. Hmmm.... I don't know what the option is... Do you mean 'Ignore page background' in the preferences? For more exact communication, some screenshots will be helpful for me.

    4. I will try to make shots after work tomorrow. Today I'm a bit tired and frustrated like hell because I had no such problems with my phone. And my SGTrend works under ICS, while tablet is JB. The worst part about all that mess with WL is that somehow I lost my purchased Desktop2 theme and I'm not able to apply it again. Well, seems that this week is not my week for Android :)