Thursday, September 26, 2013

Update history for the ssLauncher 1.13.x

- fixed some bugs

- fixed some bugs in the bookmark page

- improved KitKat compatibility
- fixed the bug of not loading bookmarks properly in some devices
- fixed some bugs

- supports the transparent UI of KitKat
- added an option: 'Gesture vibrate'
- fixed some bugs

- added an option: 'fit to dock screen' in preferences
- fixed to display additional styles from a theme package properly
- fixed the bug in determining the height of the parcel view
- fixed some bugs

- added an option 'max height of parcel view' in menu > preferences > app drawer
- new dynamic text: battery status
- excluded from recent apps
- fixed some bugs

- changed the max height of the parcel window
- fixed a bug in loading images
- fixed some bugs

- fixed a bug for pinned widgets on Android 4.3
- fixed some bugs

- fixed force close when adding apps in app group page
- fixed some bugs

- supports gestures for the shortcut

- added 'Invisible when locked' option for shortcut (Click/Gesture still works even when hidden.)
- new dynamic text: notification counter, notification message, battery temperature

- supports notification counter badge for app drawer/group page

- added 'Hide titles' option for app drawer/group page

- renewed bookmark pages

- improved UI
- fixed some bugs and optimized