Saturday, October 12, 2013

[ssLauncher-Tip] Displaying Notification Count

ssLauncher (from v1.13.0) supports to display notification text and count onto application icons in the application group and drawer page. Also, it is possible as a dynamic text for shortcuts.
Now let's learn how to do it.

1. Displaying notifications in the app group/drawer

Go to menu > preferences. Then you can see the following option.

Check 'Count notifications'. The following dialog will be shown because 'Notification monitor' is not installed on your device.

Press 'OK' and install it. You can manually search it in the Play store.

Select 'Count notifications for' and check the apps to display notifications for. I have checked 'Hangouts' for example.

When you come back to ssLauncher, it will show the following dialog because 'Notification monitor' is not activated.

Press 'Yes' or move to 'System settings' > 'Accessibility'.

Activate 'Notification monitoring service'. Ignore the warning message. I don't retrieve any information from your device. =)

Now finished. Let's send a message.

We can see the counter on the Hangouts icon.
The notification text is shown when using 'List type' of the page.

2. Displaying notifications on a shortcut

First of all, confirm that 'Notification monitor' is installed and activated. (See the 1)

Create a new shortcut to 'Hangouts' on the cover page.
I have selected a style including icon, title and information.

Edit the shortcut and select 'information' > 'text'.
Then check the 'Notification count' (dynamic text).

We can see the count is displayed on the shortcut after applying changes.

When you select a dynamic text, notification text will be displayed by selecting 'Notification message'. This notification is for the target of the shortcut and independent from 'Count notifications for' in preferences.

* 'The latest notification' of dynamic text will displays the "latest" one regardless of the target of the shortcut.

** 'Missed calls', 'Unread SMS' and 'Unread Gmails' in dynamic text are working independently from 'Notification monitor'. Because these dynamic text does not use the service.

Many thanks!


  1. Hi ChYK !

    I can not install this app, Error code "-24"
    With a Nexus 4, CM 10.2 and ssLauncher 1.13.4
    Any Idea or Tips ?
    Thanks !


    1. Please read the item 17 in the FAQ on this blog.
      I hope it will be resolved.

  2. Hi ChYK

    I can't get notifications working properly. CM 10.2, Android 4.3.1. They always display "0". Yes, the service is running fine. Any idea?


    1. It could not work if another accessibility service is running.

    2. Hm ... I can't turn the others off, need them to feed my pebble. Other notification services like missedit! are working fine.

    3. 'Missedit' also uses the same way to catch the notification event.
      I think two service cannot be used together because the event is exhausted by the first service that have caught it.

  3. geweldige launcher
    wel even puzzelen maar dan heb je ook wat
    ga zo door

  4. I have enabled this functionality;-) it works great. Perfect;-)

  5. French tutorial and article about this functionality there :

    1. I really appreciate your effort. =)

  6. Is there a way that I can make the notification count # invisible when there are no missed calls/SMS/gmails?

    1. Uncheck 'show text always' in menu > preferences > cover page and then lock the layout.

  7. I cant show notifications from whatsapp or telegram could you help me!!

    1. Have you enabled 'Notification Monitoring Service' in accessibility of system settings? And ONLY ONE accessibility service must be enabled.