Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Update history for SquareHome 1.3.x

- fixed the counter updating bugs
- enlarged the range of tile spacing to 0~200%
- new apps will be sorted up in the app drawer
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- uses less memory when 3D effect is off
- supports to set the background image to each tile
- fixed some bugs

- enable to change the style of multiple tiles at once
- fixed the bug that all widgets are broken when deleting multiple tiles
- added a new date form
- displays only the app list in app drawer when locked
- limited maximum size of widget tile
- added an option 'gesture vibration'
- removed the option 'smooth scroll' (reason: some widgets do not updated when this is on.)

- fixed an error in rendering the custom wallpaper on KitKat
- fixed a bug when picking an image on KitKat
- fixed some bugs

- added an option 'tile spacing' in general preferences
- fixed some bugs

- improved KitKat compatibility
- added an option '24-hour format' in general preferences
- added an option 'icon size in app drawer' in theme preferences
- fixed some bugs

- supports transparent system UI on KitKat
- added an option changing "Application drawer icon"
- added an internal widget: "Photo show"
- fixed some bugs and optimized