Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Update history in SquareHome 1.5

- fixed some crashes

- unlocked 'Icon pack' option
- added new option: 'disable tile menu when locked'
- fixed some bugs

- supports Hungarian
- fixed some bugs

- supports L1/R1 button (SquareHome.Tablet)
- fixed some bugs

- fixed some bugs

- supports German
- better 3D scrolling (SquareHome.Tablet)
- fixed some bugs

- supports Belarusian
- supports d'pad navigation for SquareHome.Tablet
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- fixed some bugs

- supports voice commands

- added more gestures: screen downward, screen upward, shake device
- can change the tile label
- added an option: text size in the theme preferences
- fixed some bugs and optimized

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Now supports 'OK Google'

'OK Google' hotword detection is supported by the reference launcher from Android 4.1.2 with Google Now. As you know, this is available only for a few languages yet. However, it is still charm enough though.

Now my both launchers, SquareHome and ssLauncher, starts to support this feature.
Turn on the 'OK Google' option in the preferences and make sure 'Google settings' are set correctly.


1. Turn on 'OK Google'

Preferences in ssLauncher

Preferences in SquareHome

2. Tap 'Google Settings' and make sure Google Now and "OK Google" hotword detection are on.

If you don't have the "Ok Google" hotword detection option in Voice settings, try to change the Language to English.

3. Back to the launcher and say 'OK Google'

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Popup Widget 2 Launch!

Today, new powerful "Popup Widget" has been released.

Change log:
- fully changed UI.
- can create a shortcut to multiple widgets.
- supports TASKER action plugin.

Download - market://details?


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Another SquareHome Theme

Another new free theme for SquareHome has been released.
It's "Concrete theme" with following screenshots.

Enjoy it. =)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Released New SquareHome Themes!

The new 4 themes for SquareHome were released!
Try and enjoy it!

1. Glass theme - download

2. High glossy theme - download

3. Pastel theme - download

4. Transparent vivid theme - download

Friday, March 14, 2014

[ssLauncher-Tip] Setting Gestures

Now we review the gestures in ssLauncher, which supports it in some different way from the other launchers.
SsLauncher has two kind of gestures: 'global gesture' and 'shortcut gesture'.

The 'global gesture' can be invoked on any area of the screen.
This consists of the following gestures.

- Swipe down (can be set in preferences) : 'open status bar' in default.
- Double tap (can be set in preferences) : 'nothing' in default.
- Triple tap (can be set in preferences) : 'nothing' in default.
- Pinch in (cannot be set) : open the menu screen
- Swipe up the second touch while holding the first touch on screen (cannot be set) : show up the 'dock menu bar' when it is hidden by checking 'hide dock bar' in preferences.

Hmmm... Too few gestures comparing the other launchers? haha...
Let's start to review the 'shortcut gesture' from now.

First, make a shortcut to 'music' and edit it.

You can set 4 activities for the 4 direction gestures in the 'Gestures'.
For example, we will set an equalizer app for the 'up' direction.

1. Check on 'enabled' for 'Gesture: up'.
2. Select your equalizer app for 'target'.

After applying the changes, you can run the music application by tapping the shortcut and also the equalizer app by swiping up the shortcut. So you can set totally 5 activities for one shortcut in this manner: 'tap' and 4 direction gestures. This is very simple example to use 'shortcut gesture'.

Let's learn more complicated way to use 'shortcut gesture' with the 'pin' feature from now.

1. Create a empty shortcut and 'pin' it.
2. Move and resize the pinned shortcut on the right edge of the screen as the screenshot.

Uncheck 'Clickable' and check 'Invisible when locked' in the configuration screen of the shortcut.

Now assign a web browser for the 'left' direction gesture and apply the changes.
Then, open the menu screen and lock the layout by toggling the 'locker' icon on the left-bottom screen.
The shortcut will be invisible like the screenshot.

Try to swipe left the right edge of the screen. The web browser will run.
This gesture can be invoked on any pages because the shortcut was pinned.
You can define many gestures for any part of screen in this manner. I think this is very strong feature than the other launchers.

How do you think? =)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New SquareHome released!

There is a big development in the SquareHome 1.4.
Now you can use two versions of SquareHome, 'SquareHome.Phone' and 'SquareHome.Tablet'.

"SquareHome.Tablet" is the new name of the old SquareHome.
As you know, it can be used well on the phone but it has similar user interface of Windows tablet.
The new name is intended to make it better distinguished from another new version.

"SquareHome.Phone" is another new version of SquareHome designed for phone.
You can decorate very easily an Android phone to either of WP style or Nokia X launcher style with this version. Please see the following screenshots for examples.

[Main features]
- drag out the application drawer from the right edge of screen.
- drag out the menu from the left edge of screen.
- create a tile by dragging an application, shortcut or widget.
- select multiple tiles and merge them into a folder.
- resize the tile by dragging right-bottom corner.
- control the size of widget in a tile by clicking the central button when resizing it.
- change the style and form of a tile.
- so many forms are supported: auto image, custom image, CPU load, available memory, battery level, missed calls, unread messages, unread Gmails, date/time...
- apply a theme or icon pack easily.
- easy search for applications, shortcuts and widgets.
- hide useless applications.
- assign behaviors to many gestures.
- other many intuitive features.

[Screenshots for 'SquareHome.Phone']

* The both of SquareHome shares the key which can be bought in Google Play.
If you have got the key, you would unlock all the features of the two!

[Update history]

- supports Dutch
- supports "OK Google" hotword detection
- can search icons by name from icon packs
- fixed some bugs

- fixed some bugs in the icon picker for icon packs

- improved icon pack features
- fixed the bug that the column number is reset when restart. (SquareHome.Phone)
- fixed some bugs

- fixed an issue for system wallpaper on KitKat
- fixed an animation error for the folder tile
- fixed some bugs

- fixed some bugs

- quick bug fix

- loading home faster
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- added an option: 'transparent system UI'
- fixed an error in backup/restore function
- fixed some bugs

- new free theme: "Concrete"
- supports transparent system UI for some devices of non KitKat
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- fixed some bugs and optimized

- new 4 themes
- fixed a bug in Gmail counter
- added new forms for standard, some counters and current time
- fixed some bugs

- added another 'next event' form
- added 'divider height' option (SquareHome.Phone)
- fixed some bugs

- fixed the remained time bug in the next event form
- restored the 'hide' menu in the app drawer when locked
- fixed some bugs

- changed the name to 'SquareHome.Tablet'
- published another SquareHome for phone, named SquareHome.Phone (It shares the key)
- added 'Next event' form
- added 'double tap' and 'triple tap' to gestures
- fixed a bug in applying another theme to the app drawer
- fixed system wallpaper bug in KitKat
- fixed many bugs and optimized

Friday, February 14, 2014

Permission information for ssLauncher

ssLauncher the Original uses many permissions to implement all the features.
Here I give a brief explanation why it uses them.

 - basically used

 - for Contacts page

 - to count 'missed calls' (dynamic text and image)

 - for Bookmarks page

 - for 'save/load' feature

 - for 'expand status bar' action

 - to count 'unread SMS/MMS' (dynamic text and image)

 - to get network state (dynamic text and image) : the paid version only

 - to get network state and wifi level (dynamic text and image) : the paid version only

 - to count 'unread Gmails' (dynamic text and image) : the paid version only

 - to get signal strength (dynamic text and image) : the paid version only

 - to get bluetooth status (dynamic text and image) : the paid version only

 - to generate bookmark thumbnails (Bookmarks page) and download weather icons (dynamic image) : the paid version only

 - to get current location and weather (dynamic text and image) : the paid version only

 - checking license : the paid version only

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New features in the latest ssLauncher

- fixed position toast bug

- added a big news
- improved widget picker

- supports 'Ok Google' hotword detection
- can search icons by name from icon packs

- supports Nepali
- improved the icon pack picker

- added 'stretch page background' option in menu > theme > margins and others

- supports Ukrainian
- fixed the stretching image issue for the page background
- fixed some bugs

- fixed the crash when setting the shadow of page labels on KitKat
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- added 'transparent system UI' option
- fixed some bugs

- supports transparent system UI for some non-KitKat devices
- fixed the issue for system wallpaper in landscape mode

- resolved an issue for system wallpaper
- added new options: 'fixed weather location' & 'triple tap'
- fixed some bugs

- added new dynamic text/image for GPS status
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- fixed some bugs

- improved icon quality for the high resolution devices
- added new dynamic image for the mobile data status
- fixed some critical bugs in dynamic images
- fixed the bug for the launcher action shortcut
- fixed some bugs

- fixed updating bug of the dynamic image for 'unread SMS'
- gives a tip for the gesture to open menu
- fixed some bugs

- new action: Toggle menus (dock menu > menu > close menu)
- new dynamic text/image: Bluetooth status (uses bluetooth permission)
- fixed some bugs and optimized

- resolved the conflict between pinch-out gesture and shortcut gesture
- improved approach to get signal strength in Android 4.2.2 or higher
- fixed some bugs

- Dynamic icons/images: This will be very powerful feature. Image version of dynamic text.
For example, you can create an analog clock, which is a shortcut not a widget!, in the below screenshot. This is a very tiny example of dynamic images.

- added dynamic text and images for signal strength and weather of current location information.
  * The 2 new permissions are required for this.
- can customize the action for 'home'/'back' key and 'swipe down' gesture.
- added double-tap option in preferences
- fixed some bugs and optimized