Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Now supports 'OK Google'

'OK Google' hotword detection is supported by the reference launcher from Android 4.1.2 with Google Now. As you know, this is available only for a few languages yet. However, it is still charm enough though.

Now my both launchers, SquareHome and ssLauncher, starts to support this feature.
Turn on the 'OK Google' option in the preferences and make sure 'Google settings' are set correctly.


1. Turn on 'OK Google'

Preferences in ssLauncher

Preferences in SquareHome

2. Tap 'Google Settings' and make sure Google Now and "OK Google" hotword detection are on.

If you don't have the "Ok Google" hotword detection option in Voice settings, try to change the Language to English.

3. Back to the launcher and say 'OK Google'


  1. On Square home, is it possible to change the color I.e. style of all tiles at once? Right now if I want to change the colors of all my tiles to a different color, I have to do it one by one, which takes a lot of time. Other similar launchers allow applying a color to all tiles at the same time.

    1. It's possible already. Long press a tile > press 'Select' > select tiles to change style > press 'Style' on the menu bar.

  2. I own SS Launcher. But unfortunately, I haven't been able to use square home.First you need to make an explanation for laying out the differences between home and tablet versions. Secondly I tried it again today, but the sluggish app drawer performance left me no chance but uninstall it. I use a Note 2 on official Kitkat. Maybe this is because of transparent notification bar?

    1. I have a plan to make the app drawer smoother in the following major update of SquareHome. Thanks