1. How to remove 'Credits' page?

Press menu button (open menu screen) > tap the trashcan icon on left side of the thumbnail image for the page.

2. I don't like the label 'HOME'.

You can change a page label in menu screen by tapping the pencil icon of the page.
Menu screen will be appear by menu key or zoom-out gesture(move two finger closer).

3. Can I add another page like 'HOME'?

Yes, you can add more pages in menu screen by tapping 'new page' at end of page preview list.
Defaulty, there are 6 types of page:
  1. Cover page - create widgets or shortcuts into here.
  2. Application drawer - list all applications on device.
  3. Application group - group of favorite apps.
  4. Contact page
  5. Bookmark page
  6. Credits page

4. How to clear the dark background for the other pages than 'HOME'.

You can change backgrounds for the built-in pages (application group, application drawer, contacts, bookmarks) in 'Menu > Theme > Background images'. Replace the background images with this transparent image.
Or you can remove the all page background by 'Menu > Preferences > Ignore page background'.

5. I have installed the paid version. Should I uninstall the free version?

Yes, you can uninstall it. Don't forget save your settings by 'Menu > More(3 dots) > Save > select folder to save into > check all options (theme, pages, preferences)'.
After you load the saved file into the paid version, you should reconfigure all widgets by tapping "widget area". Though this is not nice, it is a limitation of the Android. :(

6. When the widgets in my layout go away?

Since all widgets in a cover page are unregistered from OS when you remove the page. You cannot reload it though you have saved the layout.

7. How to display count of missed calls and unread messages?

You can display it by using formatted text: Long click a shortcut > Edit > Title or Information > Text > check 'missed calls' or 'unread messages'. The count text will be shown when it is greater than zero or screen is unlocked. Also, you can make it show always by checking 'Show text always' in menu > Preferences > Cover page.

8. How can I open this app?

After finished installation, you can select it as your home launcher by 'home' button on your device. If the button does not work, you should clear defaults: Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > select current home launcher > click 'Clear defaults' button.

9. Can I display current time such as date on shortcut?

Yes, you can display it by using formatted text: Long click a shortcut > Edit > Title or Information > Text > check 'Date/Time' > select proper date/time format.

10. What is difference of three options when I load/save my settings?

When you save/load your settings by 'Menu > More(3 dots) > Save/Load', the following option box will be shown.

Each option has different targets to load/save.
  - Theme: All settings in 'Menu > Theme' + template layouts (you can add your layout to templates by long click the background of cover page) + additional shortcut styles (you can add it by selecting 'save' in the popup menu of the shortcut)
  - Pages: Your own page composition and layouts.
  - Preferences: All settings in 'Menu > Preferences'

11. How to make 'compiled' nine patch images?

ssLauncher supports 9 patch images in only 'compiled' format.
You can compile 9 patch images by the following steps.

1. make an Android project.
2. put all the 9 patch images into res/drawable-hdpi.
3. build it and make apk.
4. open the apk with an unzip application such as winzip.
5. retrieve the compiled images from it.

12. Give me more information about 'Date' format .

The format string for 'Date' type is same to one of java. The reference site is here for it.

13. How to access to menu on a device with no hardware menu button?

Try to press 'home key' at home page. Also, You can show the menu by zooming out gesture(move two fingers closer) in any page. Additionally, it can be shown by pressing 'back key' if you did not turn the option off. The left screenshot is the menu screen.

14. I bought the paid version but always got 'failed to check license'.

Your phone should be connected to the network(3G/4G or wifi) when checking the license. Also, it could be failed by temporary down or disconnection of Google license server. While failing to check license, it will try to check again. Just wait until it succeed.
If the problem continues, just try to reboot your device or reinstall the application.
After once success, it will be required no more until the next update.

15. I'm not using the stock browser. Is the bookmark page useless?

No, you can make the bookmark page use own DB for the paid version. Check the option 'Use own DB' in menu > Preferences > Bookmarks.

16. Some applications are not shown in application drawer, why?

The applications put into the application group pages will not be shown in the application drawer page in default. You can show it up by unchecking the option 'ungrouped only' in menu > preferences > application drawer.

17. Always installation is failed.

Generally, these issue is from Google Play. See the following instructions to resolve it.

0. First of all, check the free space(internal storage) to install of your device

1. clearing all data of Play store:
- system settings > manage applications > find Play Store
- tap it > force stop, clear data and clear cache
- reboot your phone

When 1 does not works,
2. reinstall the Play Store:
- go back there in 1.
- press 'uninstall' or 'remove update' button
- reboot your phone

When still not work:
3. delete manually the following files if rooted:
- /data/app/com.ss.launcher.to-1.apk
- /data/data/com.ss.launcher.to

The final way:
4. factory reset of your device. :(
- I think this will solve your issue, but too expensive.