Making a Theme APK for ssLauncher

ssLauncher supports to make easily a theme APK from your own theme.
As you know, all resources (fonts, icons, background images, wallpaper...) can be replaced in theme menu of ssLauncher. After making your theme perfect, you need to make and save some template layouts for cover page (long click background of cover page > add to template). Delete needless templates first. Also, you can save additional styles for shortcut (long click a shortcut > save).

Now you are ready to make a theme APK. Follow the next instructions.

* Instructions to make theme package (APK) with eclipse

1. Save your theme to a zip file. (Menu > More (3 dots) > Save > Select a folder > Uncheck 'pages' and 'preferences')
2. Rename the zip file to ''.
3. Prepare a snapshot named 'snapshot.png'.
4. Make android project with the sample project (download).

5. Copy the two files('' & 'snapshot.png') to 'essets' folder.
6. Change the package name to "[your theme name]" in AndroidManifest.xml.
   <manifest xmlns:android=""
       package=""        <== this line
       android:versionName="1.0" >

7. Refactory the source package name("") to the above package name("[your theme name]") in src folder.

8. Change the string named "authorities" in 'res/values/strings.xml' to the above package name.
9. Change the string named "app_name", which is display name in ssLauncher, to [your theme name].
10. Edit your theme icon in 'res/drawable-*' folder.
11. Build the project and test it.
12. Export as Android Application. :)

The project of oriental theme is here.

If any question, do not hesitate to contact. :)


  1. Hello, I'm interested to make theme in apk form. Can you give picture tutorial about this?

    1. I've added some screenshots for easier understanding.

  2. Hello, I'm very new at making theme, but this is very interesting. My question is, how the hell can I make an apk with a theme and his widgets ? Because I followed your tutorial, I'm now testing my theme, but the widgets are gone :(

  3. To be more precise : I know how to make an apk with theme, I know how to make an apk with uccw widget, I don't know how to make an apk with both of them. Is this even possible ?

    1. Widgets cannot be restored perfectly because Android framework does not support it. In the case of simple widgets, it could be downloaded and reconfigured easily by tapping 'widget area'. But it is not easy for uccw.

    2. Ok, and what if I just join uzip files of uccw widgets and "ask" my theme to put these files in SDcard/uccwOutPut ?
      Is this possible ?

    3. Sorry, it's not possible. But it would be possible to add a link(shortcut) to download your uzip file to a layout template.

  4. Hello, I have this problem when I load the sample file:

    Platform L is a preview and requires application manifest to set minSdkVersion to 'L'

    Unable to resolve target 'android-16'

    How do I solve that?

    1. Hi, now I'm preparing the next generation of ssLauncher. Please email to me more information about this.

    2. Ok, I´ll do it. Thanks! :)