ssLauncher Tutorials

Please read FAQ first.

- Setting Gestures
   Let's learn how to use effectively the gestures in ssLauncher.

Les gestures c'est facile
  Another French tutorial for gestures. Special thanks to Franck.

- Icones et textes dynamiques
  French tutorial for the dynamic text and image.

- Displaying notification count
  How to display notification text and count?
  French version

- Making minimal theme.
  Another full example to create a theme.

- "iOS7 ConceptPor​t (by Peszek) - Android Homescreen Tutorial" from mycolorscreen
  Another nice theme and tutorial video.

- To set different background for each page
  Very useful tutorial for how to handle the system wallpaper and page backgrounds.

- "Google Grid - Android Homescreen Tutorial" from mycolorscreen
  Another full example and nice theme.

- "Blurtopia​ns (by Zo Arquenix) (Part 1) - Android Homescreen Tutorial" from mycolorscr​een
  This video is a really good and full example! The output is awesome.

- Lock your layouts!
  Protect your layouts from your children and pets.

- Reduce 'Home Delay'
  Do you have some delay when coming back to the home? Here are solutions.

- Why Do You Remove the Contacts Page?
  The contacts page is really useful than you imagine.

- Making Additional Shortcut Styles
  Do you know your customized shortcuts can be added into style list?

- The Options for Smoothness
  I hope this guide will be helpful to resolve your lags in ssLauncher.

- Some Good Features in Application Drawer
  I'm enough with only one 'Applications' page to manage all installed apps.

- How to Apply a Theme Package
  Do you have some troubles to apply a theme package? Just read this.

- SSLauncher - Easily the Best Launcher for Customizing (PERIOD) - XDA
  Another full example. This is fantastic!

SSLauncher The Complete Guide - Android Theming 101, Episode 6 - YouTube
  Basic tutorial vedio for ssLauncher. I absolutely recommend you this vedio.